Partnering Together for Children and Families
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About the National Christian Adoption Fellowship


Mission Statement

The Mission of the
National Christian Adoption Fellowship
is to promote Christ centered adoption
and child welfare services
within the United States and abroad
through a committed fellowship
of Christian agencies.



The National Christian Adoption Fellowship was formed by several Christian agencies who were all concerned that there was a need for Christian agencies to join together in a fellowship of trust, support and encouragement. Our interests and motivation are different in many ways from secular agencies and we intend to conduct ourselves in a manner that would bring glory and honor to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We don't believe that competition is the best model for serving families and children and try, whenever possible, not to duplicate the services provided by our agencies. We also understand that we are each unique and offer an approach and services that would distinguish each agency, while always sharing the fundamentals of our faith and commitment to children and families.



List of Agencies and Web Sites

Agency Web Site
Adoption Associates, Inc.
Amazing Grace Adoptions
America World Adoption Association
America World Adoption Association
Christian Adoption Services
Hope's Promise
New Beginnings Intl. Children's & Family Services
New Horizons Adoption Agency, Inc.
Nightlight Christian Adoptions
Nightlight Christian Adoptions
Small World Adoption
Special Delivery Infant Adoption Agency
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